Moorehead Electric Company, Inc.

A Rich Legacy of Quality Electrical Work

1920-1939E.L. Moorehead in his electrical supply store

Moorehead Electric Company traces its origins back to the mid-1920's when Mr. Edward Moorehead started his electrical supply store in Albany, Indiana. Additionally, his son,
E.L. (Ed) Moorehead, began doing linesman work sometime in the 1930's.

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E.L. Moorehead came to Marion in 1942. While working on power lines running adjacent to Anaconda Wire & Cable, an electrical cable manufacturing facility, he was approached by Mr. Bishop, an engineer of that facility, and asked if he would be interested in doing electrical contract work in the plant. At that point, Moorehead Electric made the crossover from linesman to inside wireman work.

Processor (1994) - Bruce Campbell

E.L. Moorehead continued performing contract projects for Anaconda Wire & Cable and other local manufacturing facilities thoughout the 1940's, along with the power transmission line work that had given him his start. By the early 50's, Moorehead Electric was providing electrical services to national and international companies who had come to Marion to build new manufacturing plants. Dana Corporation and General Motors Corporation were among the early companies that recognized Moorehead Electric's excellence in industrial electrical work.

The company was incorporated as Moorehead Electric Co., Inc. in 1953 and continued to grow.

MECO gradually became the preferred facilitator of the Marion RCA picture tube manufacturing facility's plant expansions and modernizations. MECO built the majority of the automation and control panels installed at RCA through the 60's when plant modernization was in full swing and continued to perform the majority of electrical contract work at the plant even after Thompson Consumer Electronics (TCE) took over in 1990.

MECO's reputation at RCA as the preferred electrical contractor provided a solid foundation for ongoing relationships with multi-national corporations such as Hirata (HCA), a global innovator in the manufacturing of process robotics and automated systems; Swisslog, a world leader in pneumatic tube systems, electric track vehicles, vertical conveyors and automated guided vehicles; and Stein Atkinson Stordy Limited (SAS), the global leader in thermal processing equipment.

MECO formed a strong relationship with the glass manufacturing industry in the 1950's that continues to the present. Foster-Forbes Co., now known as Ball-Foster, was headquartered in Marion, IN. MECO provided the majority of their electrical contracting needs for decades and continued to do so after they were purchased in the 1990's by the French concern Saint-Gobain. Both Anchor Glass and Saint-Gobain regularly retain Moorehead Electric's specialized workforce throughout the country.

MECO has performed "glass house" projects in over half of the states within the continental borders and continues to do so today including for Coors Bottling Company; MECO's "glass-house" experts have spearheaded projects at their facilities in Colorado.

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