Moorehead Electric Company, Inc.

A Rich Legacy of Quality Electrical Work


Harmonics No. 2 (1994) - Bruce Campbell

The 1960's and 70's were periods of rapid growth for Moorehead Electric Company (MECO). Transmission line work and utility company substation installations were important services provided by MECO.

MECO was statistically the largest electrical contractor in the state of Indiana for portions of the 60's and 70's. Offices in Ft. Wayne, IN; Anderson, IN; Kokomo, IN; Muncie, IN and Coldwater, MI were opened to better serve a rapidly expanding client roster. MECO's management team traveled and worked around the globe in China, Mexico and Canada. The Chrysler expansions in Kokomo and the airport lighting project at Indianapolis International Airport were underway.

A new company known as Apple Computer enlisted MECO's expertise to act as facilitator and electrical contractor for their new manufacturing facility in Newark, California. MECO was responsible for the complete project including installation and testing of the specialized manufacturing equipment used to build the new machines that would help revolutionize the face of global communications.

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Factory No. 1 (1994) - Bruce Campbell

The $400 million plant expansion in the mid-1980's at GM's Metal Stamping facility in Marion, Indiana provided the backdrop for a new 15KV Interlocked Armour Cable (IAC) installation technique pioneered by MECO.

Max Talbert, a senior VP who had come to the company in the 1940's, proposed a plan to install tens of thousands of feet of 15KV interlocked armor cabling in rooftop cabletrays, utilizing a Skycrane helicopter. He was instrumental in developing the equipment necessary to suspend the 8' diameter reels below the helicopter and for the braking mechanisms required to pay out the 11.2 lbs. per foot cable.

This new and innovative technique was used to install over 31,000 feet of interlocked armor cable in just two days.

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The 90's and the new millennium brought positive changes in MECO's ownership and other key management positions. The important work of telecommunications work by BICSI certified technicians was started in the 90's and continues to the present day.

Still the frontrunner in Indiana's industrial electrical contracting market, MECO has continued to grow with the opening of an Indianapolis office in 2004. With a new office in this rapidly expanding market, MECO will continue to fill the need for a top-quality, industrial and institutional electrical contractor well into the future.

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