Moorehead Electric Company, Inc.

Specialized Electrical Skills Lead To Success

MECO has close ties with glass companiesMoorehead Electric Company, Inc. is a full-service electrical contracting company. We have developed long-standing associations and have forged a strong background in key specialty industries including the automotive manufacturing industry and glass manufacturing.

Automotive Manufacturing Industry

MECO has worked with two of the big three US auto-makers, General Motors and Daimler-Chrylser Group, since the mid twentieth century. These relationships position us as a top provider of medium-voltage power installations for all our clientele. MECO is also a leader in press and large machine installations and conveyor/material handling systems; both are vital in the automotive industry.

Helicopter Installations

MECO has pioneered cable installation using helicoptersWe take pride in being pioneers in the design and utilization of specialized helicopter equipment. Moorehead Electric Co. was the first to utilize helicopters for installation of medium voltage cable.

View a movie (11.3 MB) of helicopter assisted medium-voltage cable installation at General Motors in Marion, Indiana. In this movie (5.8 MB), MECO is using a helicopter to install 90' light poles at a maximum security prison in New Castle, Indiana.

Glass Manufacturing

MECO has close ties with glass companiesMECO has close ties with the glass manufacturing industry. We have serviced Foster-Forbes, Ball-Foster, Anchor Glass and Saint-Gobain for decades at locations throughout the continental United States. Hot end and cold end processes, furnace builds, reconstruction and primary power installations have kept our National Accounts Division busy with a myriad of projects that are unique to the glass manufacturing industry.

MECO In Your Industry

Whatever the industry, wherever it is located and whenever it is needed, MECO always exceeds the expectations placed upon us. We are experienced in serving our clienteles' unique requirements; we truly are "experts in all things electrical."